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  1. Kari

    On the bright side houses are still at an all time low. I can buy a $400K house for $85K right now 🙂

  2. Darwin Mc Dermott

    That is an interesting comment about the government at fault. I think the system needs Campaign Finance Reform to prevent politicians from ignoring its voters in favor of lobbyists. This is the REAL problem.

  3. Rodrick

    Although this is form an American perspective it is a good primer for what happened across the world.

  4. Yancy

    I think the real people at fault are not the Investment Bankers, or the Lenders, or the home buyers who default. It’s the government system that allows such a practice.

    The animation brought up the 1999 ruling that permitted this mischief. So the ones to blame is the government. Rules and regulations are needed to protect the people, not empower banks.

  5. Kanye

    This is very sad. The ones who really suffer are the home owners.

  6. Enrique

    LOL, i got a kick out of the sub-prime animation. Enough kids there?

  7. Brannon

    Fixed? Are you serious? If there is money to be made the system will never be fixed. Poltiicans are bought and sold like commodities so there is no doubt the system still continues to be as the video explains.

  8. Keandre S.

    Wow, this is truly amazing how the system is so out of wack that the Investment banks can just get so involved with mortgages like that. So is this now fixed or what?

  9. Boston McGrath

    Hey finally an explanation i can understand!

  10. Hank R.

    Cute animation. Just sent this to my children to watch too.

  11. Peter R.

    @Crow Eater – Nothing.

  12. Crow Eater

    So what’s stopping this from happening again?

  13. Pete

    Not sure whether to laugh or cry since i am not American but their stealing has a profound affect on us here in Canada.

  14. Markel

    Hey thanks for the book mention. Looks interesting.

  15. Shari H

    “Best way to rob a bank is to own one.”

    From the book: “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One: How Corporate Executives and Politicans Loot the S&L Industry” by William K. Black

  16. Tucker M.

    Man, wish i was an Investment Banker!

  17. Killian Jelinek

    What baffles me is Obama going along with Bush in conitnuing to prop these big banks. Now they are even too bigger ot fail and are prime for another bailout…UUUGGHH!!

  18. Lamar Janes

    My parents lost their home because of this thing. And i am pissed.

  19. Sage M.

    It wasn’t just the U.S. that had this racket going. It was a greed thing that permeated the entire world. It just has its roots in the States.

  20. Jaden

    @Connie – agreed. America, although claimed to have passed its financial reform, which was supopse to stop this from happening again actually has done natta. It was just a ploy to make middle-class forget and move on.

  21. Connie

    The disturbing result of this mess is that nothing has been fixed. We are still in it.

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