In 1926, Nikolai Kondratieff (also spelled Kondratiev or Kondratyev) published a study called Long Waves in Economic Life for the Agricultural Academy and Business Research Institute in Russia.

Kondratieff noted that capitalist economies have long waves of boom and bust, that he described similar to the seasons in a year.  However, for presenting his work to Stalin showing that capitalism will always return, he was imprisoned and then eventually executed.  Read More…


  1. So according to the wave we are just at the beginning of a serious recession. No wonder everyone is still so hesitant to put their money back into the market. GIC’s, hello nice to see you!

  2. Never heard of this thing before. Had to ask my prof. You know its not taken seriously when even my university business professor has never heard of it either.

  3. Kondratiev was actually ex-communicated for several years before he was executed for his outspoken work against communism. He was brilliant and ahead of his time.

  4. What’s freaky is how close that graph is to actual reality. I can’t believe no one has talked about this in the news.

  5. I remember reading about Nikolai back in economics class in my senior year. Didn’t think much of it until the disaster in the american stock market a few years back.

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