Money May Not Buy Happiness, But It Is Necessary

We all know that “money can’t buy happiness.” However, a certain amount of money is needed for the building blocks of happiness — or at least security. It’s quite difficult to be happy when you don’t have access to the basic necessities of life. And this is where money and happiness come together a little bit. Even if you are a gardening master, you still need money to purchase food when produce is out of season. Your plot of land must be bought or rented, and that takes money as well. If you are reading this, and not living off the grid somewhere, chances are that you need money to some degree.

Money Can Make Life More Pleasant

Some amount of money is necessary to provide for our basic needs. Life is indeed bleak and stressful when the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and transportation (to get to work) are not met.  Read More…


  1. It’s crazy to think those bailed out bank ceos get $100 million bonuses each and every year via tax-payer money. wtf?

    Sorry for the rant but seeing that they buy new luxurious jets or new yaughts while the Gulf suffers an oil spill like nothing in history you cant help but think they are way more happier being in the money.

  2. If I had $2 million in the bank I could retire and just invest it and earn interest until i die. Trust me, i’d be very happy!

  3. Doing what you love is more important than making money. Yes having a financial stable background helps but doing what you love means more, at least to me.

  4. Money has always been the the root of all evil. Dictators are indicators of that. But then, i guess from their point of view everything is rosey.

  5. Hey, not all “chicks” care about men with money. We can make our own money thank you.

  6. If you have a family then financial security is most important

  7. Trina: that is a pretty interesting read. I know a few very wealthy people and it seems what makes them happy is not money at all.

  8. God is all you really need.

  9. o Sometimes u need to be down luck to know value of money
    Sometimes you need to be down on your luck to know the true value of having money. Several popular motivation speakers had to get this way to understand this.

  10. Being a religious person the story of King Solomon should be the ultimate explanation of why money can’t buy happiness

  11. …and chicks dig dudes with da cash! Boo ya!

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