I’m often struck by how rude people in customer service positions are.  I understand when people say “they have a tough job and they get fed up with it just like anyone else”, but ultimately if it’s the ENTIRE point of someone’s job to interact with the public, shouldn’t they stay nice (or at the very least neutral)?

Bell is AWFUL as a company, and the worst experience I had was when no one showed up for a scheduled installation, I called their customer support and a mouthy representative kept obnoxiously telling me that it wasn’t in his computer system, so the best he could do was treat me like a brand new customer and schedule an installation 2 weeks later.  I finally had had enough of him, asked for a supervisor, and he refused!  Smoke was coming out of my ears at that point.  There are *SO* many reasons to hate Bell, but this one incident always comes to mind when I think of the company.  I suspect that the true cost of lost business is not realized by companies when a customer is treated rudely and never returns.  Read More…


  1. There should have been a confirmation # when the call was orignally placed. The billing department must issue one for ever order. Maybe i am missing something.

  2. That’s not the point. He’s calling for service and getting lip for it. Looks bad on the company as a whole.

  3. Why not just hang up and call back for a new representative?

  4. Welcome to the club. Bell is infamous for their call centres.

  5. CSR reps across the board are very undertrained and have little interest in getting things done. I can’t believe how easy it is to get such positions. Who screens these people?

  6. The problem with Bell (at least with internet) is that they always “conveniently” have billing errors, always billing customers higher (never lower).

    I also hate that they bandwidth shape internet traffic. I paid for highspeed 25Mbps and now getting capped down to no more than 0.4Mbps each day. I would cancel but there isn’t much to choose from. They own the infrastructure.

  7. It still amazes me how much little respect customer service gets from most companies. How many times ahve you tried sending email to a company and not get a reply. And if you get a reply it is an autmated one with nothing but telling you you are on a subscription to receive more spam.

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