Rich mentality

Doesn’t it seem like the rich keep getting richer while the middle class is stuck in the same old spot?

Economic inequality is a hot topic right now, and many people go as far as accusing the wealthy of having some sort of unfair advantage. Those are easy accusations to make, and they resonate well with some people. But the truth is, there are no unfair advantages.

Everyone has the same opportunity to acquire wealth.  Read More…


  1. And the rich keep getting richer 🙁

  2. So does this imply that rich people are bigger gamblers or calculated ones? From the article i get the sense they are risk takers with their money whereas average folk will not dare risk their money.

  3. There are no real surprises in this list. It’s all common sense. The problem is that most people refuse to abide by it because they are content with middle-class and nothing more. End of story.

  4. Good list. Never knew any of that.

  5. I find that most people think that rich people are special or got lucky and so dont bother to look for their big dream to change the world.

  6. Tax the rich 🙂

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