Buying Canadian stocks

Canada’s stock market has been among the worst performing in the world this year, with many global fund managers selling Canadian equities and foreign short-sellers targeting everything from resource companies to the country’s banks.

Being negative on Canada has certainly been a profitable play. The S&P/TSX Composite Index is currently down eight per cent for 2015, compared with a 1.46 per cent gain for the S&P 500. If that trend holds for the next month, Canadian stocks will have underperformed American stocks for the fifth consecutive year.  Read More…


  1. Trudeau’s tax cut plans might put a damper on hopes of Canada outperforming in 2016. Unless that is the proposed tax rates aren’t applied to small and large businesses?

    The one good thing is the Conservatives arent in charnge of the economy anymore so we can only see the sky now. 🙂

  2. Hmm.. i wouldn’t say our stocks will underperform for the fifth straight year. It depends on perspectives. Right now we are still trending better in REITs than our southern friends.

  3. Traditionally the TSX has performed better than several markets like the S&P but because of the lack of diversity that we have on our exchange and the unwillingness by several US corporations to want to list on the TSX it makes it tough to find reasons for investors to want to choose from there.

    For me, i have a few mutual funds all composed of tsx listers. And very happy i do!

  4. Hey if Canada’s markets are doing poorly right now it can only mean one thing: buy!

    Warren Buffet has said countless times that the best opportunities are when the markets are bears.

  5. People making less than $90K under the Liberal agenda for 2016 will be a big help in boosting the economy which indirectly will help boost stocks in a variety of sectors. People with lower income tend to spend the extra savings right away which helps kick start the economy. But the real question is: for how long?

  6. TBH @Josh, i am not sure what the law is. I do know its there and much harsher than anything the U.S. has ever implemented. And for good reason because this is the primary reason that we were one of the few countries in the world that actually prospered during the 2008 Financial meltdown.

    Regulations work because without the banks would be the biggest abusers. Having them self-regulate is nonsense and irresponsible (as the Americans currently do).

  7. What is the equivalent of Glass-Stiegel in US trading laws? Anyone know?

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