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If you’re looking for a value play for 2016 and beyond, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve scoured the market and found three stocks that are trading at inexpensive valuations compared with their five-year and industry averages, so let’s take a quick look at each to determine which would fit best in your portfolio.

1. Canadian National Railway Company

Canadian National Railway Company (TSX:CNR)(NYSE:CNI) is the largest rail network operator in Canada and one of the five largest in North America with approximately 32,000 kilometers of track and 80 warehousing and distribution facilities.

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  1. Wow RONA is still around? Honestly, i wouldnt recommend them. You can look everywhere and you see Home Depot is swallowing up all competitors in all our neighborhoods. Even Home Hardware’s new attempts are floundering.

    Don’t get me wrong i do love Rona but they’ve made some major blunders in past years which are now just coming back to bite them.

  2. Amazing how we are almost in 2016. I recall at the start of 2015 they were proclaiming doom and gloom about the markets. Here’s to another great financial year!

  3. Never heard of AutoCanada. At first i thought it was AutoDesk, the 3D software company — i believe they are Canadian. My mistake.

  4. Well its nice to see a list of Canadian traded stocks on this list.

  5. Because the Liberals are taking away the $10,000 limits on TFSA is it best to take advantage of it now and set up my portfolio with things like this? Or is their a tax disadvantage of these (ie. stay away from US stocks)?

  6. To be honest in my 30 years in the stock business i have never heard anyone recomment Canadian National Railway Company. From a cursory glance at the #s they look good but the prospects are a bit cloudy since there are other more efficient routes for Canadians. I feel CNR has now become more of a tourist attraction than a convenience.

  7. Thank you. Was looking to spruce up some of my portfolios and weed out some of the weeds.

  8. But they all read more as low-income dividend returners. More for the retired types than those looking for large growth. Surely there are better options?

  9. Well, it really depends what your financial objectives are. These 3 value picks seem to be geared towards those who are looking for safe blue chips. Not my cup of tea. It really comes down to how old you are, and the amount of risk you are willing to take.

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