The nascent investors in this world of investment are always in search of useful saving tips. Being an amateur in the investment field, this article can act as the right vehicle that would help you to pave the right path with investment guidelines.
As the proverb goes “to have money is good, to have control of money is still better” and in order to have better control over the money choose a right investment plan.

This article will give some investment tips that will be beneficial for all young investors.

1. Keep the investment plans simple:

When you are new to the field of investment then it would be advisable for you to keep the investment plan simple. Try to focus on the relevant points that would help you to understand the plan better. Prediction by a novice can lead to some unpleasant surprises while investing. In order to enhance the rate of success in investments pick a correct economic channel that would offer security on a long term basis.  Read More…


  1. Do your homework, keep an eye on your favorites and buy more when they’re down, I also look for low to no debt companies. Once they’re over 20% up, do a little profit taking and look for a bargain when you spend the money again. Do all the DRIPS you can. I prefer div. Stocks but I buy some penny stocks and some growth stocks with div. Money. Don’t chase stocks when they’re high, and once again do you homework.

  2. New investors should always start off small. Trying to go all-in too quickly is a recipe for disaster. I’ve watched many friends lose their savings by going with their gut.

  3. My motto is always do what Warren Buffet does.

  4. Always do your homework. It never seases to amaze me how there are far less people interested in doing the work required to perfect their plan.

  5. For newbies try not to jump all in so quick. Everyone thinks they know the winning strategy but one sure way to failure is to follow the crowd.

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