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Why Investors Should Look Outside of U.S. Markets

Investing SearchValue investors are finding it difficult to pick stocks in the U.S. as low interest rates around the world continue to fuel equity markets, especially since U.S. multinationals are getting hit quite hard by their foreign currency exposure due to the greenback’s strength.

Nevertheless, strategists are almost universally positive on the outlook for U.S. markets this year. But Norman Levine and Darren Sissons of Toronto-based Portfolio Management Corp., are taking a somewhat contrarian approach.  Read More…

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  1. Jaquez says:

    Although generally true the only issue i have with everyone taking the approach of investing outside tried and true methods (US equity) is that there isn’t a balance. For strategies to work there is always going to need to be someone who is up and another down. By having everyone approach it in one way causes an imbalance and hence the strategy doesnt work.

  2. Rohan says:

    and after reading i am still not sure what i should be looking into 🙂

  3. Seth says:

    I don’t understand why the article pushes to get individual stocks and not a diversified portfolio?

    The only true way to weather most days is to diversify ones holdings.

  4. Chandra Stinman says:

    US stocks have done quite well in 2014 and i can’t see why it won’t hold again for 2015.

  5. Joe Capel says:

    Very true that most of us in Canada tend to just look too much at the US market as our only source of diversity and dont give much attention to emerging markets or European ones. I am guilty of that 🙁

  6. Rufus says:

    Yup i invest heavily in Scandinavia so i am all smiles knowing that all my research and planning is just being confirmed here.

  7. Tyson says:

    And this is why Mutal Funds exist!

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