The stock market is grooving again, baby!

Pure rock-and-roll! It’s like Springsteen stormed the stage in February and got the crowd back on its feet after some moody emo mope had us all crying in our beer, or whatever emo mopes drink. (Chamomile tea or puppy dog tears or hemlock or whatever.)

To wit: The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index is up almost 6 percent in February. That’s an E-Street jam right there, friends, like the Main Point in 1975, and on pace to be the market’s best month since October 2011. It’s especially invigorating after the slide of more than 3 percent in January, which was like…ah, let’s not even go there.  Read More…


  1. It’s been a fantastic year so far for the markets. I am up 18%. Will this last forever? No. But i am enjoying every miniute of it.

  2. Now i regret not investing. Most of my liquidity is in my bank account 🙁

  3. Can someone explain to me how the oil prices affect these stock prices if these prices mention about being related to consumer spending? I’m lost!

  4. Ahh yes its "groving" now but my guess is this party is almost done. I’ve moved my holdings into safer pastures for the time being.

  5. That’s a very interesting point about rising stock prices despite lower profits. My first thoughts when i saw this post was that it must be due to expectations of the market makers. Seems my hunch was right.

    Although consumers aren’t spending as expected it could be delayed and show up on reports in the next quarter.

  6. My main concern is Greece. We are still not out of the waters yet. Sure it looks promising and is why we have been riding high but its not over yet. Holding my breath.

  7. So far under Harper and Obama both Canada and the US have done quite well economically. Sure our dollar is down quite a bit but things look rosey with the reports from BoC.

  8. Cyclic. This has been seen many times before. I expect in June the markets will have a slight correction.

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