Why Stocks Are a Better Investment Than Mutual Funds

The stock market continually garners a considerable volume of sensational headlines that fuel nervousness among investors. This coupled with the heavy-handed marketing of fund managers and financial planners creates the illusion that mutual funds offer superior and more accessible means for small investors to access the market.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Direct stock investing is still one of the best and possibly the easiest means of achieving investing success, particularly in the information age with the advent of a wide range of low-cost internet brokers.  Read More…


  1. You aren’t alone Glen. What i can’t figure out is how they can have such consistent returns for a business that takes pride in not offering anything new for decades?

  2. I had been a long time managed investing person but for the past 5 years i had decided to take control of my finances and do trades on my own. Best decision i made. It’s really about investing in things you know. You are more inclined to research since you enjoy the industry. YTD i am up again this year 🙂

  3. What are the tax implications of mutual funds say in a TFSA registered account?

  4. Although mutual funds have gotten bashed for a while they have improved in terms of lower MER%. They are still a nice option from time to time.

  5. Is anyone else besides me impressed that so many banks have had such giant returns over 10 years? News to me.

  6. Buy and hold. People panic too quick which is why mutual funds exist.

  7. I wonder how many stocks is good enough because i figure the typical fund can hold hundreds. How does the average person handle all those?

  8. Wait, wait! The article brings up CNR! Yes, Canadian National Railway! Are you serious? I thought trains stopped being a mode of transportation when they stopped the horse and buggy thing ;P

  9. And lets not forget that as the managers shuffle their holdings you are required to report it on your taxes each year even though you haven’t physically sold anything.

  10. That was a fun read. Thank you. I’ve been saying this for years. Stocks are a better choice than funds. Fund managers are all about their own personal take-home fees, not about returns for their investors.

  11. Why bother going with a fund when one can just handle their own books wiht a group of stocks that diverse.

  12. So, yea i prefer mutual funds because i just don’t like having to worry about managing my portfolio. As long as the team is competent and a record of returns in other funds then that’s good to me.

  13. Yup, buy 10 different stocks in varying sectors like utility, energy, banking, manufacturing, international. And you should be all set.

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