Former environment minister Jim Prentice told U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson that he was prepared to step in and impose tougher regulations on the oilsands if the industry damaged Canada’s green reputation, according to a cable released by WikiLeaks.

“[Prentice] noted that if industry did not take voluntary measures and if the provincial government did not set more stringent regulations, he would step in and press federal environmental legislation,” according to the cable, apparently written by Jacobson.  Read More…


  1. The oilsands are pretty much too late for any serious green regulations. Where was this 20 years ago?

  2. I’m just waiting to hear the expected corruption scandal with the Harper admin from WikiLeaks.

  3. Another interesting cable leak by wikileaks. Keep them coming!

  4. It’s an idle threat. Jim Prentice was mostly bark and not much bite when he was minister. Just look at where he is working now.

  5. Please go ahead and put the regulations in place. Companies goals are to maximize profits and so relying on good will is NOT going to work…at least in the long term.

  6. And yet Prentice ended up going to work for CIBC to make his millions.

  7. How do these cables keep getting out?

  8. Wow, and here i thought it would be a black eye to Canada. Thank you WikiLeaks for a nice bright spot.

  9. The rumours were flying back then about this. It’s nice to get confirmation that it did indeed happen.

  10. way to go Prentice for having a concience! We need to keep our green reputation to high standards because as it stands the world is getting worse

  11. I guess i’m living under the rock cuz i have never heard of the oilsands 🙁

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