Just imagine if you could take back all the stupid money mistakes you made during your lifetime. Well for me at least most of these were made during my 20?s. Two of them were referrals by someone I knew and I didn’t want anything to do with them initially, but I guess their sales pitch was good enough that I fell for their lies. I love personal finance and I was tricked into something that I couldn’t imagine getting into ever now. Something like a vacation package or whole life insurance. I hope all of you can ingrain these mistakes in your head and never fall victim to these dumb errors I made.  Read More…


  1. Thanks for featuring my guest post up on your blog. All the past emotions came out as I wrote it and it made me feel relieved that I finally got these off my chest.

  2. I have a drawer full of money mistakes in my life time. I should put up a blog all about it. The biggest of them all is to never take advice from friends and family when doing finance. End of story!

  3. Most people who invest into the stock market do so thinking it is like gambling in vegas and just have to put your money on red or black. It’s not.

    Everyone needs to build their knowledgebase before investing.

  4. LOL..i too have been talked into buying a large vacation trip package for more than it was worth. Worst mistake ever!

  5. Good post!

  6. We all get caught up in errors along our path in life. It’s learning from them that count most.

  7. Maybe i am just lucky but so far i have never makde any major mistakes with my money. I think i am the type that is paranoid enough to hesitate on everything i do until i am comfortable with doing so.

  8. I still regret loaning money to a friend that never paid me back. It got so bad we ended up never being friends after that and i have not spoken to him ever since. And worst of all, he STILL has my money 🙁

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