stock pics portfolioAs many investors have learned the hard way, it can be very difficult to find the right stock at the right price when you are ready to make a purchase. Lucky for you, I have done the hard part and found three stocks that are trading at inexpensive valuations, so let’s take a closer look to determine which would fit best in your portfolio.

1. Stantec Inc.

Stantec Inc. (TSX:STN)(NYSE:STN) is one of the world’s leading providers of architectural, engineering, and environmental services.  Read More…


  1. Finally, a list that specifically is for TSX buys. I’ve seen so many lists that only show US ones.

    Interesting that no biotechs were given. Pretty much all of them have hit record highs this year.

  2. Shame Canada doesnt have many tech stocks. It pains me having to do currency conversions just to get at the many good ones on the nasdaq.

  3. Hi Alan. Just a quick question. Where are the other best places to do more research into the inner financial data to companies? I’ve heard about FT. Are there better places?

  4. SO far, if we put aside the uneasiness that we had in September, so far its looking great in 2015. I’m intrigued by these choices so i will do some more research and consider them.

  5. Sure they add value right now but because they arent particularly diversified i wouldnt just have these 3 alone. Need to add more like utilities.

  6. Nice find. Thanks for sharing!

  7. @dan, that was (and still is) an American issue. Here in Canada we have stricter bank laws that separate consumer money from their own investment activity.

    Crazy to think someone who allow banks to use consumer money for their risky investments. What i mean is investment banking, not loaning to the regular public. Different things.

  8. Hmm i noticed one of the picks is CIBC. Not a big fan of having banks seeing as how the 2008 issue related to banks. Anyone want to chime in?

  9. Election day here and although the Liberals are ahead on the last 17 polls i am still holding hope for NDP. I personally tihnk we need to raise taxes on stock options which is only offered by NDP platform.

    I was looking at the tax code and its rediculous how so many who are in the stock market get a lot of cuts compared to normal folks.

  10. Hey lucky me i have 2 of those stocks in my pack! 🙂

  11. Not a fan of MTY. I’ve seen a few in my area but i just dont feel they are the kind of investment i could make in them. Feels more like a fad.

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