Workaholics vs high performers

“I’m a recovering workaholic,” admits Jullien Gordon, a nationally recognized speaker and founding partner of New Higher, in a recent LinkedIn post.

Workaholism, he says, looks similar to high performance on the outside — but they’re actually nothing alike.

Gordon has spent the last year doing research and conducting experiments on himself to understand the difference between workaholism and high performance. He found that while they both look like hard work, “the big difference is how the individual feels on the inside about who they are in relationships to their work,” he explains.

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  1. One is measured by time at the office the other by results

  2. Most people have a positive opinion about workaholics but from what i gather from this article it puts a dark cloud on the term for whatever reason. Coloquialism — i have never heard "high performer" used by people.

  3. Funny enough most of us are neither 🙁

  4. "Workaholics allow others to determine their walue"

    So very true!

  5. I still think one must be brought up in a certain way to have the mentality of a performer/achiever. I disagree that it is about insecurity. As a matter of fact i believe it is a strength and what wills them is an intense desire.

  6. Where are the #s? I mean i’d love to see the average salary of a workaholic versus a high performer.

  7. I use to know such a person. He was always burned out at all times and never had much of a life. Just work all the time.

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