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It has been an interesting year for Canada’s REITs.

The early part of the year was marked by weakness in Alberta, especially the office market. Demand dried up as many oil companies either went bankrupt or downsized.

The rest of the year was dominated by interest rates. First rates crashed with negative rates in Japan and Switzerland making headlines. This sent the price of REITs higher. That was followed by a steady decline in REIT prices as investors speculated the U.S. Federal Reserve would finally hike interest rates.

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  1. The U.S. with their Trump thing is making to be a good year for investing. Funny, because on the eve of it the markets around the world were heavily down due to his heavy negative rhetoric

  2. I use to have RioCan but i just grew out of them because the dividend payout was 5% last year. It’s a good one for those starting out and want to play it safe. But, at least for me, i am now eager to try something with a higher yield.

  3. I assume REIT has nothing to do with being a Registered account?

  4. Nice to see that there are still some jems in reit. 40% of my portfolio still consists of this sector.

  5. So what are the yields?

  6. I still can’t figure out how Canada has weathered the real estate market for so long. It seems like its bound to burst. But then i’ve been saying that for years now.

  7. Ha! I have TSX:D.UN!

  8. Ahh yes, the Canadian REIT’s. Although rates are planned to go up in 2017 i am still more of a wait and see. Better to diversify and water down my REIT holdings until the 2017 image is clearer.

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