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In 2017, cryptocurrencies and the decentralized network that enables them were thrust into the mainstream. Bitcoin staged a stunning rally that saw it go from a $1,000 valuation in January to $20,000 in December 2017.

This year has been a different story. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been battered as a number of nations have taken aim at cryptocurrency exchanges. Like cannabis, cryptocurrencies attracted many new retail investors because of said mainstream exposure, which may have resulted in devastation for newcomers.  Read More…


  1. Soon this wild west of a mentality whereby people only see cryptos as a get rich quick thing will die down and the real value of blockchain will take hold and we will see its true value. Cant wait.

  2. The whole miner thing seems crazy seeing as how it will get exponentially harder to mine for coins as time goes on. A better approach is needed because doing busy work (and thats what they are doing) is wasting more resources than is needed.

  3. Anyone read about the rise of Quantum computing and how in mere seconds they can crack every encryption method?

    How does this affect the security of cryptocurrencies, particularly the mining aspect?

  4. And to think back in November they were at $5K and now at $8K. And i still don't own any 🙁

  5. I agree that banks will be the biggest beneficiaries. Ironically, just last year they were lamenting about cryptocurrencies. And now here we are and they are embracing it as the Second Coming.

  6. The real intrinsic value of bitcoin and its ilk will be more behind the scenes in operating big banks than it will be directly affecting consumers.

    Personally i don't think much will change nor will prices change. It will just be more profitable for banks since they will have less overhead — refusing to share their profits with their customers with lower fees. Ain't gonna happen.

  7. Your portfolio has been hitting new highs if you have pretty much any bank stock in your portfolio in 2018. Thank you bitcoin.

  8. Bravo to Telegram raising $1.7billion for their ICO. Makes you wonder if every Instant Messaging app will be doing the same. Quick way to get infusion of cash.

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