Grow with Dividend Stocks for Summer

On June 28 the TSX/S&P composite index was down a disappointing 51 points. Meanwhile, the major US indexes began the day in the negative, but bounced back just before the close of day. For the most part this anxiety stems from tensions with trade talks among Western allies, China, and the US still uncertain to be resolved.

Despite this, there are still some stocks that could provide investors with some comfort going into the hot summer nights.

Cineplex Inc (TSX:CGX)

There is no question that Cineplex has had a rough year. And this summer has not gotten any better. This year was their worst performance in decades, being down 22% so far in 2018. Attendance has been down due to the direct threat by growing online streaming services.

Putting that aside, Cineplex has still produced solid revenue returns and diversified extensively. They announced quarterly dividends of $0.14 per share, resulting in a 5.8% dividend yield.

National Bank of Canada (TSX:NA)

National Bank is one of Canada’s largest banks, but regardless, it is still underrated among the Big Six Canadian Banks. In 2018, shares have sored 13.1%. Profits in Q2 last year was $547 million. As such, the bank announced dividends payouts would be bumped up, resulting in a 3.8% dividend yield.

Finning International Inc (TSX:FTT)

Based in Vancouver, Finning a primarily known as Caterpillar’s heavy equipment and machine parts dealer. Just in the past week their shares have dropped 2.2%. But for 2018, they are still up 2%.

Revenue rose 19% to 1.67 billion with profits also increasing 53% from last year to $71 million in the first quarter.

The stock boasts dividend payouts of $0.80 per share which is a 2.3% dividend yield.

Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd (TSX:CSW.A)

Corby Spirit and Wine is an importer and distributor of spirits. Based in Toronto, Corby sells top brands like Polar Ice vodka.

Their stock price has fallen by 11.4% in 2018.

For a long time beer has captured a sizable market-share of the alcohol market, but spirits and wines has continued to chip away with its younger demographics. For its most recent quarter, Corby had a 43% increase in profits from last year, at $48 million. They announced a quarterly dividend of $0.22 per share which equates to a 4.2% dividend yield.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I still don't have a single dividend paying stock in my portfolio and i guess because i just find their yield to not be that impressive

    Sure it's naive of me to think that way but when you see 2-3% i begin to think maybe i should just leave it in my bank account or GIC — less risk.

  2. Wow National Bank is still here? The last of them closed here in London after they opened only a year ago. We always got a giggle looking at their font when we went by their bank store front each day.

  3. Already had Cineplex and NA. For Cineplex they are a roller coaster and over the years i've expected this kind of ride, but their dividends have been very stable.

  4. Interesting picks. Do you have others? Any tech picks? With Ontario going blue (PC) i'm expecting companies will be more generous in their dividend sharing. Should be a good 2018. Thanks for sharing this.

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