For many of us, retirement is a far off dream. It’s already difficult enough to pay our current bills on time, and we aren’t able to contribute to our retirement funds as much as we’d like. But early retirement is a real possibility if you work for it in your 20s and 30s. Here are a few alternative paths to early retirement:

Cut expenses. Many financial planners recommend that you replace 80 percent of your income before you retire. This is good advice for the general population, but it is very difficult to achieve. The alternative model is to cut your expenses and adjust your retirement income accordingly. If you are able to live on 50 percent of your income now, you should be able to keep the same spending model in retirement. Hence, you would only need to replace 50 percent of your income instead of 80 percent.  Read More…


  1. Sadly most people cant retire early because we are too busy spending our life savings away on the nonsense that will make us seem cool to our friends 🙁

  2. Why get married? I always here people say marriage will help in retirement but after thorogh reading i still think it is a ploy by the media to help businesses make more money from couples.

    Aren’t divorces still high at above 50%?

  3. I live the advice on incoming investing. I never considered focusing my portfolio on dividend stocks and rental properties.

    Good advice! Thanks for the share!

  4. I am still amazed that my friends (mid-20s) have no clue what an RRSP is. While i am squirreling away part of my paycheque each month they are wondeirng where there’s went.

  5. Like it or not most Canadians will be working far into their retirement years.

    With wages not keeping up with inflation and most of the wealth for a country going to a relative few up the latter we are getting poorer as a nation.

    Time to restructure the government; by the people; for the people.

  6. I’m 18 so i have lots of time to fool around before settling down and be concerned over this. I just came here to read the sob stories. 😀

  7. Hey there is always Loto 649, right?

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