There are five major  reasons employees don’t save for retirement, according to a Buck Consultants brief released Thursday.  As cited by Pensions World in February of this year (see Pensions Provision: Why save for retirement) they are:

1.) A fatalistic belief in the possibility of dying tomorrow

2.) An assumption that they can work until they die

3.) Paternalistic faith that someone will look after them

4.) Unwillingness to delay gratification

5.) An inability to understand the math

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  1. This is why i have been teaching my kids the importance of saving. I was in a bad spot for at least a decade and even had to file for bankruptcy because i couldnt manage my finace that well. Each of the 5 reasons is spot on, at least for me. Never again!

  2. Honestly i dont think Canadians are as bad at saving as our American counterparts. But unfortunately bad habits cross borders and we too are learning the wrong ways.

  3. I remember watching some good video here about debt crisis and the talk of someone ending up killing themselves because they got into so much debt. Very sad.

  4. @rocko, then you arent really living.

  5. I really dont get it with people. I am a bit of a miser and so find it hard for me to NOT save. Yes i live a boring life but i just dont see the need to spend on things i dont need.

  6. When you see your next door neighbor going out and buying a new car or sproosing up the house wiht new decor it becomes a competition to show off.

    This is why its so hard to save.

  7. Yup! Most people (i am kinda guilty of this too) dont think its really a priority to save.

  8. Although i am 19 i still depend on my parents and so for me saving isnt that much of a priority.

    The problem is i think a lot of people never grow up in their minds and still do think someone WILL be there to bail them out.

    Good read.

  9. I dont agree entirely. I think its mostly ingrained because of how our society is in giving away free credit. When you have incentives like that it is way too easy to spend, spend, spend.

  10. I think i am one of those employees. 🙁

  11. It’s really quite sad but it is all true. People really think they can spend away with no consequences. And when tomorrow comes and they are broke they will be confused and not know what to do next.

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