Are you tired of going into a big store and not being able to find help? Retailers should treat you with respect when you try to spend your hard-earned money. Instead, they make you do all the work.

You have to figure out where the stuff is located and how much it costs. To choose among several items, you have to do your own research, since you can’t rely on store staff to know anything.

Then, you often have to scan and bag your own purchases to avoid line-ups at the cashier’s desk. Whatever happened to service with a smile?

There’s nothing more frustrating than being ignored or shrugged off when you try to ask questions. But that’s the status quo at many large retail chains.

I recently went to my local Canadian Tire to buy an iron. I found two $49.95 models with the features I wanted. But the cashier rang up one at $59.95 and one at $69.95, saying they were on the wrong shelves.  Read More…


  1. Do people still shop at retail outlets? I figured everyone does things online. I rent online, i buy clothing online, etc.

    Buying retail at a brick and mortar establishment is so last decade.

  2. Not all retailers are created equal. Your local Tires might have issues but it is not widespread and in most cases is a relatively small problem.

    I’ve worked for several retailers in my day and have seen my share of bad cr but for the most part it is a minor problem.

  3. Customer service will always be the last to be improved. For corporations there focus is just getting people in their stores or buying online.

  4. Why is it when there is an error it is always in favor of the store not the customer?

  5. Things wont change any time soon. You see events like what is discussed is done on purpose. Its a technique that we are told to do as employees to get customers to buy on impulse.

    Is it immorally wrong? Yes, but it works!

  6. I am always amazed that when i walk into a retail outlet and the simplest questions cant be answered i think to myself how in the heck did these people get hired when for me i have to bang the pavement for weeks on end, having to know the ins-and-outs to a company before i even have a shot at an unsuccessful interview.

  7. If you think Canadian Tires is bad you havent been to Wal-Mart lately. Sheesh!

  8. It isnt just CT that is the problem it is the poor training that all these Canadian companies do (or dont do) since it would cost them more at the bottom line.

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