The union representing Canada Post workers has told its members to prepare for a strike amid stalled negotiations with the Crown corporation.

However, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUP-W) says it did not plan to submit a 72-hour strike notice Sunday and said there will be no strike action on Wednesday.

The union’s national committee said in a message on its website that it was meeting Sunday to “evaluate the situation” and to plan its next move.  Read More…


  1. Who do these postal workers think they are, automotive workers? Artifically valued worth with no skills.
    No need to get an education to get a decent paying job. No wonder kids are putting less value in a good education. They can be stund as a post and still make $25+/hr with excellent benefits.

  2. @darryl, for starters those private deliverers charge more and secondly they dont deliver to every spot in Canada, unlike Canada Post which will deliver to any and every address in Canada, including the ones off the beaten path which Fedex et al will not.

    So Can Post does have its use. It just needs to be streamlined.

  3. Remind me again what CP does that Fedex/UPS/DHL and others dont do?

  4. My mother works for Canada Post as a carrier and for years now she’s been complaining about the very same thing that this article brings up.

    It’s time we respected our letter carriers and give them some quality love.

  5. Is this thing STILL going? I thought it ended back in January. Geez. This is why i am so glad my friends are all using Facebook.

  6. No wonder my mail has been taking longer to arrive. Normally i get my mail every 3rd day but its been draw out for at least 2 weeks at times. Ah so its a strike thing.

    I just hope they dont get angry enough to toss out mail.

  7. People still use Canada Post. I just fire up my email and am done with it.

  8. I work for Canada Post and so i will keep my name anonymous but think what they are doing is unfair. My family and i have prepared for a long draw out strike which will give me time to my family but am hoping it doesnt last a month or two or we will be really in trouble.

  9. I say let them strike. The service has been in the pits for decades now.

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