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5 Things To Do Before Watching Your Portfolio Crumble

Save PortfolioIgnoring market volatility and handling market crashes are two of the toughest things investors have to face. There are a number of reactive strategies to handle them, but it’s probably better to take a proactive approach.

Maybe you believe market volatility will continue or accelerate. Maybe you fear a crash or another 2008-type scenario. Regardless, you do not have to sit there and watch your portfolio decline in value. Here are five things you can do.  Read More…

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  1. Armando Bridge says:

    From my experience i tend to shift towards dividend income stocks and blue chips. This or just move it to bonds. It all depends on your goals.

  2. Courtney Cheevers says:

    Nah, the biggest thing one can do is not to panic on the first signs of a downturn. This is the biggest advice.

    People panic way too soon. smh

  3. DeMonte Cohen says:

    Most of us dont have options so that first thing is not important to us. ;P

  4. Jonatan Elder says:

    What about IPOs? Anyone remember Wit Capital specialized in this way back?

  5. Kaelan says:

    Yea the best thing one can do is begin looking for alternate assets to spread the full portfolio out. This will weather the pending problems.

  6. Johathan Jorgenson says:

    Does anyone know if short selling is offered in discount broker places? I figure this might be a feature only available to clients who call in?

  7. Carol says:

    Who would have thought biotech would be the hot spot for 2015. I figured the traditional tech industry would be the hottest. It’s still pretty hot but the biotech industry (and big pharma) and really making waves.

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