After one of the worst quarters for Canadian stocks since 2011, market watchers say it may be time to start buying Canada again.

Brian Belski, chief investment strategist at BMO Capital Markets, said the S&P/TSX composite index, excluding energy stocks, is now trading at a price-to-earnings ratio below its long-run average after its third-quarter decline put the index down nearly 10 per cent for the year.

At the same time, Canada should increasingly benefit from a strong U.S. economy in the next year, bolstering the earnings of TSX-listed companies.

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  1. You bet its ready to bounce! We’ve been having a good year in ways..just look at the biotech sector. There have been strong hints the tsx is going to make a big move these coming weeks.

  2. Canadian stocks have always taken the back seat to big brother Dow and S&P. I think this is wy so many of us Candians tend to be brainwashed into thinking we need to only get US stocks, even if it means needing to do the Smith Manuvre to save on currency conversion.

    Personally, we have a lot of great pickings. The problem is there isn’t enough marketing power behind it to make it better know — to get us all salivating over them. And hence why most of us go foreign.

  3. I did see a broad boost (25%) this year on several of my mutual funds. I’m doing well. Just a shame i didnt have more to invest.

  4. We did have a slight correction some time back and i for one thought it was a sign of a recession. Guess i was wrong.

  5. So what is everyone investing into? Any stock picks?

    Yea, yea i know its not good to take people’s advice on these matters but i just want to get an idea of what is the hot market.

  6. Some quality value out there. I’ve maxed out my rrsp in equity and ready to ride the wave!

  7. Anyone notice the S&P and TSX seem to be mirroring the gains and losses for the past few months?

    Would it be better to buy Canadian stock instead of US at this point due to its nature to match? Not sure if this is just coincidence.

  8. Meh, these types of predictions are hit and miss. I for one just do my own thing.

  9. Now that we’ve closed September the market jitters are out of the way. Hurray! The US fed has not raised interest and China’s hiccup seems to be in control. Could be a rosey holiday season.

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