Do you have financial goals that you just haven’t been able to achieve? Maybe you’ve always wanted to set up a budget, but you just haven’t found the time. Maybe you want to learn more about investing or economics, but you just don’t know where to start. Before you know it years pass by, you’re no closer to your goals and you’re left wondering why.

All of us face different financial obstacles. Some of us have a hard time figuring out how to earn more income. Others have plenty of income, but struggle to save it for the future. No matter what financial obstacles I’ve ever faced, I usually find the causes for them – and the keys to hurdling them – in the mirror.  Read More…


  1. I dunno for me i find that the best way to deal with such obstacles is really to get involved in social groups of similar minded people so that the group can encourage you to move forward and also be able to answer questions you might have so that you dont get overwhelmed by the feeling of being lost.

  2. @corey but then if everyone was responsible then credit card companies and their ilk wouldn’t be able to make record profits each year in late fees. Ironically, it might even cause a recession.

  3. This is why it should be a prerequisite that highschools teach the importance of financial planning. So many Canadian kids grow up lacking the basic importance of taking care of their own finances.

  4. I came across this page after looking for advice on a situation dealing with a newborn on the way and being jobless. So not sure if these steps can help me all that much because i really need to put bread on the table.

  5. Some times you have to get down and dirty and until people face it head on instead of say adding more debt to hide it the better.

    Sadly, most people refuse to do even these simple steps.

  6. Some fair point in the OP because i recall my youthful days when for me dealing with them was a nightmare. It took until my 40s before i became competent enough to realize the importance of ‘Naming It’. Good read!

  7. I think every household is different. Some people work better when under pressure while others need to keep things organized .

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