The majority government won by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Monday could be his one and only, according to a focus group of Canadian voters.

A collection of factors allowed for the Conservatives to decisively win 167 seats in the spring election that saw the Bloc Québécois virtually wiped off the map and the Liberals lose their status as the Official Opposition party to the NDP, according to a report by Ensight Canada, a public affairs and communications firm.

Those factors may never occur again at the same time to produce the conditions that proved to be the winning ones for Harper, it said.

Twelve separate focus groups, conducted across the country on Tuesday by Ensight Canada, picked the brains of 134 Canadians on why they voted the way they did.

Jamie Watt, executive chairman of Navigator and principal of Ensight, says the election votes cast are the biggest quantitative poll. But Ensight wanted to find out why people voted the way they did and what they expected of the government and opposition they elected.  Read More…


  1. One of Harper’s first agenda’s is to remove Campaign Financing. Right now it is publically funded. He wants to shift it to be more Americanized where private funds can donate as much as they want. This leaves our elections open to be bought by the highest bidder. I am scared.

  2. I am still stunned by the beating the Liberals took last week. In my 50+ years of voting i have never see that happen.

  3. I voted NDP and so did the rest of my family and so it was heartbreaking to see our entire district turn blue. Here is hoping for an Orange majority in 2015

  4. I honestly doubt Harper will be able to keep the voters happy for the next 4 years. You can just see it in his face he is eager to do to Canada what Regan did to America — shift it so right that it cannot recover.

    God help us all.

  5. Uh, Harper had nothign to do with the economy being fine during the crisis. It was the Liberals who had balanced the budget, giving Conservatives enough wiggle room to do their playing. Now we are in deficit territory with most going to things we dont need like the military.

  6. See i dont understand you libs out there. It was Harper who has kept us afloat while other countries have been devistated by the 2008 downturn. Give the man credit and its clear the rest of Canada want to move Right.

  7. Just dont touch my healthcare Mr. Harper or i can promise you, you will pay dearly at the polls in 4 years.

  8. The real thing i learned out of this is how unusual our election system is where a party can win only 39% of the vote and still be elected majority government. So the rest of Canada’s 60% are not truly seen or heard.

  9. We’re in for a long 4 years with Harper in full charge 🙁

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