As summer approaches many of us wish we’d started saving a lot earlier for a summer holiday.  Even so this doesn’t mean you can’t get away. You might not get three weeks in the south of France, but with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can put together a memorable vacation on any budget.

Keep it local
There are probably plenty of destinations within a three to four hour drive of your city. For example, a short drive or ferry ride away from Vancouver, there are plenty of areas to explore – such as Whistler, the Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, or Harrison Hot Springs.   Read More…


  1. I’m an obsessed user of Facebook and Twitter and i usually just end up asking or actually doing what my friends end up doing. It’s worked for me for some time and dont think i will change any time soon.

  2. Not a big fan of using Groupon since they only offer one deal a day and most times the deal is quite lame.

  3. Hmmm, a bunch of it is just plain common sense and didnt learn anything new.

  4. There is always going to be gimmicks on how to cut cost but the best way is to control spending.

    We shell out wastefully that we always end up in serious debt and only then do we start to panic. Teach people on how to control spending not new ways on how to waste more money. Ugh!

  5. Thanks i now have a few new sites i can use to save more money such as Travel Zoo.

  6. I guess this means i am a smart saver because i follow religiously all 7!

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