Reader submitted question: Q – Me, my sister and my uncle are sharing the cost of keeping my father housed in a care facility because his gov’t monies & pension do not cover the monthly fee. My understanding is that we cannot claim our contributions because my father is notContinue Reading

If you’ve recently adopted, or know anyone who has, this Canadian tax advice is for you, courtesy of Intuit (think: QuickTax) Here was the original reader-submitted question: Q – Is there an adoption expenses tax credit? We adopted in 2009 and have paid various expenses to an adoption agency, areContinue Reading

Remember that delicious movie, The Devil Wears Prada?  My favourite scene was the one where Miranda scorningly points out that while it may be politically correct amongst intelligentsia to dismiss fashion, at the end of the day, the colours we all select from our re-used, recycled clothing were determined monthsContinue Reading