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Q – Me, my sister and my uncle are sharing the cost of keeping my father housed in a care facility because his gov’t monies & pension do not cover the monthly fee. My understanding is that we cannot claim our contributions because my father is not a dependent who resides with any of us. Is this true? Thanks!

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A – There may be a few things that you are allowed to claim. You should be able to claim amount paid to the care facility as a medical expense. CRA publishes a guide for Medical and disability-related information. It states that you can claim  Read More…

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  1. I take care of my father who has a mild form of schizophrenia and we claim the expenses as medical ones. Although i wish there was more that could be claimed for the care it is still a welcome sight.

    If i were American i don’t know what i would do since there system is very backwards.

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