Remember that delicious movie, The Devil Wears Prada?  My favourite scene was the one where Miranda scorningly points out that while it may be politically correct amongst intelligentsia to dismiss fashion, at the end of the day, the colours we all select from our re-used, recycled clothing were determined months and months before by the fashionistas.   We think they don’t impact us.  But they do.  Except we end up wearing just the yucky shades of the colours they’d promoted.  I’ve had a lot more respect for the fashion industry since watching that scene!

Now that I work for government, I’m increasingly aware that government has a similar effect.  Behind the scenes (or sometimes not!) it sets policies that ultimately determine things that matter in our every day life.  Things like if tuition is affordable, if we have generous access to the internet, if more green energy options will be available, if we can book an appointment with a physician:  Or Not.  Read More…

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  1. Not sure i could mull the desire to donate to a party. I personally think the parties we currently have in parliament are mostly jokes and we can do better. They weild a lot of power but it takes years before we see the beneficial change that affects our lives. I am Conservative at heart but feel Prime Minister Harper has fallen way to far to be worth picking up.

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