This story isn’t about black clad idiots who get off on creating havoc and mayhem. It isn’t about police who view their fellow citizens as terrorists and threats instead of neighbours and friends. This story isn’t about the violation of our rights and freedoms, nor is about the success or failure of the meetings happening inside the fence.

This story is about the arrogance and ignorance of our Prime Minister.

All of this could have been avoided. It could simply have been sidestepped. All the Government had to do was hold the G20 summit a remote resort location. For the record, Canada has plenty of remote. Graeme Kirby, a security expert who has planned security fro summits of this nature before, claims that it is well known in security circles that you just don’t hold summits of this nature in urban, populated centersRead More…


  1. You hit the nail on the head. The Prime Minister is to blame. I was speaking to my wife about it the other day and we were both puzzled by why it wasn’t at some exotic locale instead of downtown toronto.

  2. People are upset and this G20 fiasco was predicted.

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