Al Rosen, the author of ‘Swindlers’ makes the case that Canada is worse than US when it comes to protecting investor rights.


  1. I wish there was an extended version of this video. It’s very enlightening.

    I agree totally because our system, although more stable than America’s, i think we are in for a different kind of trouble down the road if serious systems are in place. Because our banks have not gone wild-wild-west doesnt mean they wont in the future. Greed is a powerful thing.

  2. Not sure i agree but i understand where he is coming from.

  3. Hmm…Al makes a pretty good case but i think the real focus is that we dont have an FCC-type body. That to me is the core problem.

  4. No way we are worse than the U.S. — we survived the Financial collapse of ’08, the US didn’t. And most of the world praised our heavier regulations on our bank system which thwarted a serious collapse and our economy recovered very quickly.

  5. Uggh! We’re in 2011 and already more headaches?

  6. Excellent interview. I’m forwarding this to my a few friends because i never knew such shinanagins our country is up to.

  7. Thank god i’m only 20…i’ll worry about this when i hit 30 😛

  8. “The system is set up to make life difficult for the auditors…and make it easier to do very curious reporting”.


  9. It’s very true that there is no real protection system here and i’ve been saying this for years.

    The system is rife for abuse in our system.

  10. Oh great! Now i’m moving to the US…oh wait!

  11. @berney801

    Care to elaborate?

  12. The problem with Rosen is that he is only telling half the story.

  13. Now i’m feeling sick in my stomach.

  14. Very interesting interview!

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