Gun Control in Canada

With all the menace and crime in the United States due to their laxed gun controls here is your chance to get a better understanding of our policies and how they differ.

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  1. madhat

    The entire purpose of guns in the USA is that in the formation of there country they planned about if the government went corrupt. the purpose is to have the citizens able to care for them selves if the system turns on them. people would be ignorant to expect that risk in Canada to be non existent.

  2. MarginalizedActionjDinosaur

    2% of all crimes are committed in Canada with registered firearms.

    The murder rate with firearms is up 24% since the registry was introduced.

    Was it supposed to move the murder rate up?

    Maybe if we get a better registry the murder rate can go up even higher!

    Criminals do not care.

    Still, Stalin and Hitler had strong gun control so it must be a good thing,….

  3. Timothy R

    Here in PEI we can’t even find a single store that offers guns. Why is that?

  4. Jayson Burt

    I just dont understand the need for anyone to carry guns at all. Its a sign of a paranoid nation.

    Nothing good ever comes from weak gun control. And i feel Canada is on the right track to forbid this whole thing.

  5. Brandt Acton

    I’ve owned a handgun for 30 years and personally feel the current laws here in Alberta restrict my rights to carry them as i please.

    Let’s hope things change.

  6. Savion

    Conservatives, like in the US, want less gun control which is just pathetic. Our laws are pretty lenient and anything less would be chaos.

  7. Homer Paca

    Just as bad? If you haven’t noticed we have one of the lowest death rates in the world. I think that is something to be proud of.

  8. Shelby

    Canada’s laws are just as bad as the US. We just dont get as much press.

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