Canada is rejecting a Palestinian effort to win recognition at the United Nations as an independent state.

The move is not surprising given that the Harper government has forcefully highlighted its loyalty to Israel and the United States. Both oppose the Palestinian initiative.

The Palestinian Authority, which controls most of the West Bank, launched a campaign last month that will see it pursue a vote on statehood at the United Nations General Assembly in September — an effort borne out of its frustration over a peace process that is stalled.

The top Palestinian diplomat in Canada says her official delegation will still push hard for the support of Ottawa.  Read More…


  1. This is what scares me about Canada. Every time i turn on the news i see more Conservative doctrine pulling our country more an dmore right from its more traditional Liberal views.

    Soon we will be like America and really in trouble. Sad day.

  2. Good. I was starting to get a little conserned that our government was not going to back Israel, one of our more strong allies.

  3. I always wonder who takes orders from who: Does Israel run Canada or does Canada run on her own terms. Harper is pathetic!

  4. From what i’ve been told there are many that will be voting for this to happen in September. So although Canada and a few others oppose it just feel assured that the liklihood of such a thing happening is very good.

  5. Its time for peace and the only way this is going to happen is when the palestinian people are given the right to be heard as human beings.

  6. This is not a surprise that Canada would oppose this bid. Canada and the US right have always sided with Israel because doing so will mean more wars and more wars means mega money for everyone on the right.

  7. What right does any country have to say that Palestine cannot be recognized as a State in the same way that Israel sought for recognition too?

    This is embarrassing to the n-th degree that Canada would also get caught up in this silly nonsense.

  8. Of course we oppose statehood becauee it would upset Israel. Call me crazy but maybe its time to let Israel fend for itself.

  9. Is anyone surprised. With such a majority in government Harper and his cronies can say and do anything they want.

    I hope those who voted these thungs in are happy.

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