Canadians appear to be a vehicle-buying mood, according to July figures in the latest Global Auto Report from Scotia Economics.

It says Canadian sales advanced to an annualized 1.65 million units last month, lifting volumes at several automakers to the highest July on record.

It was the second monthly rebound in a row after a weak performance in May.  Read More…


  1. I must be one of those 1.65 million. I ended up bying my daughter her first car at the dealer the other day. Nothing fancy. Just a Neon.

  2. Its more propganada from our government to hide the truth that we are in just as bad shape as the US

  3. I dont think the article was implying we were in a recession recovery phase. It just is pointing out that things are looking good.

  4. Economy continues to soar implies that Canada had experienced a recession. This is not true. We are not the States and it proves our economy is well balanced.

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