Iggy to Harper: ‘We make the rules!’

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s campaign-style tour rolled through Nova Scotia Sunday, where he thundered at Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was told to move back to the U.S., and won the endorsement of one of Canada’s most well-known singers – Big Pond’s Rita MacNeil.

Ignatieff began the day outside a Tim Hortons in Elmsdale, N.S., in Liberal Scott Brison’s riding, where he hit Harper over a quip the prime minister made at the end of an ATV joyride last week in the Arctic.

Harper, in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., on Thursday was asked if he had a licence for his ATV romp and replied: “I think I make the rules.”

Ignatieff said Harper may have meant it as a joke but it’s a telling insight into the prime minister’s mind.

“Unless I’m seriously mistaken, we make the rules! The people of Canada make the rules,” Ignatieff said. “We want a prime minister that respects the rules.”  Read More…


  1. I doubt Harper meant that it be taken seriously. Who in their right mind would mean it and think they can survive politically afterward.

  2. Silly season in politics has begun!

  3. Harper is THE joke and from what i know of his history he meant every bit what he said.

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