Canadians Await Word of Loved Ones in Egypt

Canadians with loved ones in Egypt were glued to computer screens and waiting by the phone Friday as they hoped to hear from family and friends in the North African country being swept with violent protests demanding an end to an autocratic era.

Candace Furneaux was just one of many Canadians desperate to hear from family in Egypt.

Her 26-year-old daughter was backpacking through the country when riots engulfed the nation. She’s now holed up in a hostel in Cairo, but can’t be reached by family because the country’s government has cut off all Internet and cellphone coverage in an attempt to stop protesters from organizing.

“She decided to take a dream trip and go and see the pyramids and certainly did not expect to wind up in the middle of civil unrest,” Furneaux said.  Read More…


  1. In ways even our country and especially the US need to have protests like this to put the fear of God into their government. If not the government feels they can do whatever they want.

  2. My god! I work late nights but woke up to hearing all about this. May everyone be safe over there.

  3. Oh no not another Iran-like protest! I really feel for these people. THey are treated so badly.

  4. I am guessing this East African country won’t be allowing any of the world to enter at this point.

    I read they cut off all internet access. The video that is coming out is from lone wolves trying to get the message out.

  5. I agree this is really crazy but seemed brewing for a long time. This president won’t relinquish his corrupt power (he’s been in office for 31 years) and his only act to appease the protestors is to change his current government but keep himself in power. The people arent having it.

  6. Was reading about this. That government is seriously corrupt! I can’t blame the people for protesting and causing violence.

  7. I wish all the best for those Canadians stuck in Egypt while this is happening. I am sure most have made it to their embassy for protection.

  8. Another country fighting for Freedom. This is a growing theme.

  9. The world is going to hell!

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