Dont Panic – Market Corrections Are an Opportunity in Disguise

It’s official. We are in correction territory. Chinese shares have erased all of the year’s gains. Dow futures dropped more than 600 points last week. And today, it dropped 1,000 points when the market opened. The natural, human response is to panic because your stock is losing value.

But I would implore you, as a smart investor, not to panic. What separates the smart investor from the average investor is your sentiment when a market correction occurs. prThe average investor freaks and starts selling, figuring that their money is lost forever. The smart investor knows that they still own shares in great businesses that are going to continue to reward them.  Read More…


  1. So what is Warren Buffet doing right now and lets all follow him.

  2. Hmmm…the article mentions dividend stock. I can understand the logic in that companies that are paying them out have solid balance sheets. But the best corse of action is a diversified holding. Not just dividend sharing ones.

  3. @nigel i agree with you 100% right now people just get nervious and begin selling when they shouldn’t It’s a great time to buy for sure — lots of value.

  4. No need to panic this was expected a long time where we would see some market corrections but the overall health of our country and the American index is still solid.

  5. Way too many people watch what others are doing and so begin to panic which leads to things like this. The dow did recover quick but it could be a sign in a few weeks.

  6. Ha i have BNS and CNR in my portfolio. I guess im in good shape 🙂

  7. I have to admit i am a bit nervous because it feels like the 2008 crisis all over agfain and remember it happened near September. 🙁

    Someone walk me down.

  8. LOL Canadian National Railway? really? I think that is a dying industry (train). Sure i do know there are those who want rides from province to province to enjoy nature but come on…

  9. But what if there are those like me that dont want income stock (dividends) but growth stocks? Shall i just ride it out or switch up my holds to include dividends stock too?

  10. It really shows how interconnected world markets are when China fears are being reflected on TSX and the S&P.

  11. I’m thinking of buying some low cost reits now that their prices are down. Any picks?

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