Customers often run into pricing errors when buying items online — and when they say they want the original price, they get nowhere.

This happened to Tad Klupsas, who’s legally blind, so he filed a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission against Future Shop. His story interested me enough to write about it earlier this month.  Read More…


  1. Unusally i’ve noticed pricing errors a lot more on Best Buy’s sites (the parent company to Future Shop) than on Future Shop. They are commonly made known on sites like Red Flag Deals and the horde buying begins. Never did find out if any of these people did get their heavily discounted products though.

  2. I doubt someone like Ford will allow the sale of a car for $0.99 online when this is an obvious computer gitch. And i dont tink any comsumer would expect a car would cost $0.99, especially when shipping of it would be 2,000% more than the purchase price.

    I sympathize with these people but mistakes happen.

  3. I can see where they are coming from but i also can see the point of view by the consumer. Although there is no real law that obliges that companies must sell an item as it was advertised online i think several online outlets will honor it.

  4. I heard about this story and was appalled by Future Shops actions. What a company won’t do to save a few bucks is mindboggling.

  5. Never had an issue with Future Shop but when buying things online at times i have seen pricing errors and for the most part companies do honor them, at least the respected name brand retailers.

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