WikiLeaks Cable Notes Harper’s Senate ‘About-Face’

WikiLeaks released hundreds of U.S. documents on Thursday, including those with comments about the Harper government’s “about-face” on Senate appointments, remarks on the Liberals’ “muted” response to the prorogation crisis and criticism of Canada’s failure to enact copyright reform.

A leaked cable from December 2008 suggests that U.S. Embassy officials in Ottawa saw Stephen Harper’s appointment of senators as “a major about-face for a PM and a party that long campaigned for an elected upper chamber. The cost of the eighteen new senators also conflicts with political messaging about the need for official belt tightening.”

The cable goes on to say, however, that “Harper will not pay a real political price. The staunchest advocates of Senate reform are Conservatives in western Canada.”  Read More…


  1. @grace, The Green Party doesnt say anything about the Senate so voting for them doesnt mean much. the NDP specifically say they want to eliminate this uppper chamber.

  2. Harper is trying to put his people in place because Senators are permanent assignments until they are 75. This way he is setting things up so that Conservative laws will only pass and move this country more right forever.

  3. Vote Green 2011!

  4. Harper has a pattern of lying and so no one needed these cables to confirm this. But still everyone in my riding is going to vote Conservative AGAIN!

    I am so disappointed in our people. We are moving to be more like Americans where the plutocracy is law.

  5. I still see no point in why we have the Senate at all. They always vote in favor of the House in most cases.

  6. And that is why i’m voting for Jack Layton’s NDP party. He wants to reform the system and i believe him.

  7. This cable is BS and hoenstly Harper is the best thing that has happened to this country. Screw you, you Libs.

  8. Is anyone surprised?

  9. For the first time i will be voting and finally learned about how the whole political system works.

    Honestly the Senate just seems like a chamber for buddies to the PM. Abolish it and save us, as tax payers, money.

  10. Harper must go and come this election we might get our chance.

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