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The last eight years or so have given us what must be the strangest stock market bull run in history. I wrote five years ago that this is the bull market that nobody loves, and investors find it just as difficult to embrace today.

Wall Street, London and other major global stock markets are nudging all-time highs, but investors continue to remain sceptical. Are they right to be afraid?  Read More…


  1. It’s been a great year for investing. There will be a market correction but even when considering that everything is still way up.

  2. No surprises some are squidish. We had the 2008 thing and so its understandable the hesitation.

  3. Trump has had a big impact as to what is happening. Not what he is doing but the idea of untethered, unregulated joy by investors which in the end we all know will be bad but we don’t care because we all believe we will di-vest before the collapse, and enjoy the wealth in the process.

  4. It’s funny how interconnected the US markets are to ours.

  5. Feels sort of like we are in a bubble a bit but still worth investing to me. As long as one doesn’t put their life savings into it.

  6. Does this mean TSX has been high-flying too?

  7. Yea i noticed the S&P is unusually overvalued compared to its history but its nothing to be concerned over. It will adjust but won’t be by much.

  8. And yet the loonie is still low. I want it back at parity, darn it!

  9. Most of my holdings are in mutual funds. I am wondering if i should buy individual stocks too since my returns aren’t as high as the index average 🙁

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