3 Investment Lessons Learned Already in 2017

Investing mistakes

This year has been a very interesting one thus far. Stock markets across the globe may have risen in general, but they have been volatile. Risks remain on a global scale and this year has shown they could flare up without warning at any time. And with the situation in Europe being relatively uncertain, it has been somewhat surprising that investor sentiment has remained robust.

Geopolitical tensions

While the conflict in Syria and the instability in North Korea were present last year, 2017 has shown that they can escalate exceptionally quickly.  Read More…


  1. Being volatile is an understatement of the year. There is a lot of worldly concerns such as Trump, the French election, and more. Markets are jittery. Still a fun ride this year.

  2. You can avoid investment lessons by doing the tried and true by diversifying your holdings. ‘nuf said.

  3. Markets are still very bullish. The biggest lesson of all is not investing enough 🙂

  4. It still boggles my mind that Brexit really is happening. So sad since i still visit the EU often.

  5. My concern is that the US seems inevitable to be stepping into war and when they do, although it will favor weapon contractor stocks, it wil surely put the US economy in a down turn and might trigger a domino effect on us here in Canada.

  6. Way too early to be giving lessons. It still feels the same as Q4 2016.

  7. The biggest surprise for me was how the Liberals have been more Right leaning than i was expecting. They have helped my bottom line more than expected. I had been planning for a different outcome but have been pleasently surprised by Trudeau. Not sure how his voters may feel since I get a sense he wasn’t as who he campaigned to be.

  8. Geopolitical tensions is always a concern. I can’t name a single year where it hasn’t been.

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