I’ve been pretty stressed out lately over our impending move and all of the uncertainties surrounding it. In fact, I went down for the count last week with some kind of flu virus that was, I’m pretty sure, not unrelated to the recent upheaval in our lives. I’m sure a lot of people would deal with this stuff a lot better than me, but I’ve never been a person who enjoys sudden changes. I need time to digest things.

Just to give you a quick update, we’re planning to move to a new town about two and a half to three hours away. We were going to build a new home with hopes of moving in before school starts in September. We’ve been going back and forth with the builder’s real estate agent for about a month now with various house plans.  Read More…


  1. There is some valuable advice in the article that i feel most people are just too lazy to even bother until it is far too late. We seriously need to reform school to teach better fiancial responsibility at a young age.

  2. @christ, i’d rather be rich and unhappy than poor and stressed 🙂 I’ll just drown my unhappiness in gin n’juice imported from exotic locations daily. YMMV.

  3. oddly enough i have never been that stressed over financial matters. I think its because i usually get a bit concerned very quickly when something is out of place — a bill is not payed, the kids are 5-mins late coming home, etc. So i usually get to the problem right away. I know i’d be a total wreck if i am told to not deal with anything for a whole month.

    That thought alone would give me such stress i’d need pills. Thanfully i have and never will get to that point.

  4. Not necessarily true @voice-of-reason. As King Solomon said being rich does not make one happy.

  5. Be rich and stress of any kind will fade away.

  6. Always, always never rush into trying to deal with the source of the stress hastley. If you rush in before thinking it thru you end up making the problem worse (usually).

  7. Its one thing to have financial stress but it compounds itself when their is a death in the family, and that death is the primary breadwinner.

  8. I remember being in over my head and my husband and i had to file for bankruptcy. We took the advice of our lawyer and did this which now i think back and feel it was a terrible mistake. We could have handled it. We would have had to sacrifice some things but it was doable.

  9. I agree that you dont want to overreact. Like any problem you should break it up into manageable portions and attack it that way.

  10. @matt, you are a tiny minority. For most the film Inside Max describes it best.

  11. The key is to deal with the problem before it becomes stressful. I’ve been managing my finances very carefully probably to the point that i am considered very boring.

    I dont even carry any interest on any of my credit cards for decades now. My credit card companies hate me but won’t dare say it.

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