Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says new revelations about past fraud convictions against a former senior aide to Stephen Harper raise a “fundamental question” over whether Canadians can trust the Conservative leader.

During a Monday evening campaign rally, Ignatieff told the crowd that Bruce Carson’s close relationship with Harper while working in the Prime Minister’s Office shows his Conservative rival “talks tough on crime everywhere but in his own office.”

“I’m always willing to give a man another chance,” Ignatieff said. “But he had five convictions for fraud and he was in the inner circle of the prime minister.  Read More…


  1. My two children will be eligble to vote this time around so are household is excited to go to the polls and hopefully make a difference.

  2. @dillan, the entire harper gang is in contempt so Carson’s past is no different. They should do rechecks for the entire party itself. You are sure to find more hidden convictions.

  3. I am sure Harper knew something about this because to have a leader be completely clueless on past convictions by a former senior aide is a disgrace.

  4. Where are the NDP noise in all this? All i hear is Ignatieff!!

  5. Honestly i feel the people are happy with what Harper has been doing. So this might be a mistake by Liberals ot force this.

  6. I still think Harper will still be able to hold control as ruling party with the Conservatives so not much will change by this.

  7. I’ve been calling for this type of action to happen since last year when it was brought about so i am just happy to see that they were able to get the majority needed to force an election.

  8. And let the election begin!

  9. An Ignatieff rightfully saw the opportunity for the Liberal party to hammer Harper on this. Let the pig squeal!

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