Canada’s inflation rate rose to 3.2 per cent in the 12 months ended in September, pushed higher by price hikes for gasoline and food.

Statistics Canada reported Friday that prices for food rose 4.3 per cent in the past year, while energy prices advanced 12.5 per cent. Those factors were the major contributors to the overall inflation increase.

Economists polled by Thomson Reuters had been expecting the rate to come in around 3.1 per cent.  Read More…


  1. What is BC doing to keep it so low?

  2. Welcome to reality. Prices will always go up on everything no matter how hard you try to pray it away.

  3. I feel the higher prices each morning when i fill up for gas. It’s really insane.

  4. On the bright side the Central Bank doesnt plan to raise/lower rates for 2012. 😉

  5. Anyone notice that all eight major components are things we need which makes it quite easy to continue to gouge our wallets.

  6. I feel for the people in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. At 4.2% i don’t know how they survive.

  7. Historically this is in line with inflation throughout.

  8. At least fresh veggies and fruits didnt go up…yet!

  9. The rich keep getting richer and we the people’s wages stay flat. This is so wrong.

  10. I had to check the inflation calculator online and its really amazing how much prices change year-over-year.

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