According to a national poll released today for Manulife Financial that measured how Canadians say they felt about investing in 11 different categories and vehicles, the survey recorded declines in all categories and vehicles, showing the largest quarterly drop for stocks, which fell back 15 points, coming to rest at 3 after a 23 point jump in March.

The overall Manulife Investment Sentiment Index declined eight points in June to 25 after rising 15 points in March.

While the category did fall 2 points in June to 60, investment in personal residences (either through renovations or paying down mortgages) remained the most popular investment category – with a wide lead over every other area. The index reflects 69 per cent of those surveyed who said it’s a good or very good time to invest in their own residence – minus nine per cent who believe it’s a bad or very bad time. The remainder was undecided.  Read More…


  1. Yea but still America has a big affect on how the rest of the world reacts. If they go down everyone feels it. I think that is why people are hesitant to jump in the deep end with the stock market. I know i am one of those people!!

  2. @Doug – if i recall Canada has faired much better than the U.S. in surviving the financial meltdown a year ago. We have much stronger regulation against such idiotic things the americans are going through.

  3. Can you blame people? Sure we are Canadians but seeing as how the U.S. is doing nothing with financial reform we and the rest of the world are sitting on a time bomb.

  4. For me my money is safe and growing in several GICs and high-interest savings accounts. It may not produce the same kind of gains as might be realized through trades but at least i won’t be weaping after another disaster that hit us a year and half ago.

  5. In my neck of the woods people are nervous about investing in the stock market. Memories are short and several us who are in their retirement range lost a bundle from this financial mess.

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