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  1. Clayton G says:

    I feel for the mothers and fathers who have lost lives in this war. My friend’s husband was shot and killed last year and things have never been the same. It’s something no one should go through.

  2. Darius says:

    Ok remind me again why we are there? The Afghan government is DEEPLY corrupt and our efforts there is one step forward, two steps back.

  3. Brynn D says:

    Hard to distinguish the americans from the canadian soldiers in this video. If it weren’t for the occassional leaf i’d be lost.

  4. Zavier says:

    My brother is in the forces and has been eager to go abroad to Afghan but his unit so far hasnt been requested to do so. My mother is relieved.

  5. Tyrique R says:

    A dumb war we should not be apart of. Let the US deal with this. Afghanistan bankrupt the Russians and it is doing the same with the US and our country. We need to get out and get out now!

  6. Homer Melyn says:

    The real men and women of our country. Go Canada!

  7. Damarion says:

    Great pictures. The video doesnt mention who the photographer is.

  8. Ivory M. says:

    I love the music!

  9. Carmelo S. says:

    And then there is Fox Noise disparaging our troops.

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