There are several types of auto coverage available to keep cars safe on the open road.

The coverage for direct compensation-property damage is available in Ontario and mandatory when driving a vehicle there. When a car accident occurs and the fault is placed on the other vehicle the car damage and personal belongings in your car are covered by this type of plan.

Accident benefits coverage is great to have if an injury or death occurs as part of a car accident. The coverage also provides lost income. Other benefits include payments for those not working who can not live a normal life, payment for home care expenses for a primary care giver who was injured and can not perform his/her duties and payments for medical, rehab or care giver expenses.  Read More…


  1. This part can really be a killer.

    Generally, if you have a mother and dad, both with cars, the kids are listed as occasional. As absurd as this sounds, driving to school or a job is considered primary usage. Many ppl take a chance on this including me with my son as he drove to school every day and to his full time after school jobs.

  2. I was reading that when you own more than 1 vehicle in the same household where there are 2 or more people living there then this extra person must be mentioned as a Primary on the other vehicle….so if a teenager recently gets his license does this mean he has to be mentioned as a primary on one of those vehicles, despite the parents may only allow him to drive only say on weekends (like an occasional driver)?

  3. Before buying ANY of coverages check to see if any of them are already covered by your work or elsewhere. If they are you may not need to buy optional benefits

  4. Yes, as long as her car is listed as going to work too. In other words, if both primaries work, both vehicles need to be rated as “driving to work”. The only reason I get “pleasure only” on my Porsche is because I don’t have a “work place” and it’s off the road in the winter.

  5. If Car A is rated for mostly being driven to work, can the other person in the household (who is mentioned on the policy as a Primary on a different vehicle) drive Car A to her work despite her not being mentioned as 2ndary for Car A, assuming this work is in the same km/day limit set for Car A?

  6. Anna: No. It’s assumed that named primaries will drive the other’s vehicle, but just not as much. Hard to prove? Yes. Unless the two vehicles are rated differently; one business use and/or driving to work and the other pleasure and that there is a major difference between the vehicles in value and there is an accident.

  7. Assuming both drivers’ records are the same, does the total premium go up if you add the other driver as 2ndary to a vehicle (both drivers are registered as Primaries already on different vehicles with 2 vehicles mentioned in the policy)?

  8. Thanks for the link. Never knew a site like that existed. Found a new company that can save me $400.

  9. You can save a bundle when you group plans together — auto insurance with home insurance with the same insurer.

  10. Auto insurance Brokers tend to pile on all kinds of unnecessary expenses when you do get coverage that if one is careful to pay attention can cut back and save a few hundred dollars in the process. I cut back on something called Family Protection Coverage. Seeing as how i am the sole driver i did not understand the point and i save $150/year.

  11. Although i have a car license (G) i dont have a car and although i can buy a car i tend to just rent one when i need to take it out of the city. When i do rent a car i end up using my credit card which has CDW protection which covers any damage onto the car but because i am not insured i dont have third party insurance which puts me at risk of being sued if i get into an accident and it is my fault. Thankfully i dont drive much.

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