Rolls-Royce Canada is investing $225 million, including a $30-million loan from the Quebec government, to develop new technologies for its industrial power generation turbines.

The research and development funding over five years will focus on improving existing turbines and possibly developing new products used by the oil and gas and power industries.

The Montreal-based division of the British aerospace engine giant said it is seeking to develop new combustion technology to make more powerful and lower-emission aeroderivative gas turbines, including those that can use alternative fuels.

“Some of the outcomes of the R&D will be to enhance existing products…and a completely new product may emerge but at this stage it’s just too early to put a date on that,” spokeswoman Caroline Chartier said in an interview.  Read More…


  1. good point derek. Although this is really just about improving existing technology for more efficient engines it is a first and necessary step to alternative fuels.

    We will not move to alternative fuels like solar, wind, hydrogen without exploring more efficient engines.

  2. To be honest $225 million is not enough. I’ve been following this closely and for rolls to get half the employees to be paid by the government is a sweeter deal than Quebec got.

    They were actually shooting to get rolls to put in $500M but i guess things went south. Ah well. Better than nothing.

  3. Its funny because we talked about this at the dinner table the other day because it is coming to my home town. Could be helpful because my older brother is interested in changing jobs and this could be a perfect fit.

  4. Maybe this is a start to opening our way into the next big boom: alternative energy.

  5. Actually R&D overall across Canada has spiked this year. Rolls-Royce being just one of the many sharing the burden with province governments in exhange for cheaper work environments.

    The usual added plus, like in this case, is these provinces share in future royalties.

  6. And here i always thought RR only made really expensive cars for the fabulously rich and rap stars. 🙂

  7. Hmm. I was actually hoping it was Ontario since Quebec is viewed as the redheaded stepchild of Canada.

    Here is hoping this intelligent move is duplicated in other parts of Canada.

  8. @carter_stone, the technology learned could trickle to eventually be used in non-aerospace machinery such as consumer vehicles. This is how many things got started. Give it time.

  9. Only aeroderivative???? That isn’t appealing. And here is thinking they were doing automotive research.

  10. I need a job does anyone know how to contact them and apply for an assembly job? I’m serious.

  11. Combustion Tech! Thank you Canada for being aware. Took you long enough to acknowledge it and move into the 21st century.

    I know it is just a joint venture for aerionatics but it is still a vast improvement from decades lost.

  12. actually the US is the leader in r&d. The problem is they are one of the worst at capitalizing on it. If it wasnt for their archaic patent office which extends internationally they’d be in the stone ages by now since most countries end up copying and improving on the ideas.

  13. It’s about time! Finally Canada is taking charge and moving to become more of an industrial leader in this world where European and Asian countries dominate research and development.

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