Two Stocks Under $5 – Could They Double?

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Contrarian investors are looking for beaten-up stocks that might be ready to start a recovery.

Let’s take a look at Bombardier, Inc. (TSX:BBD.B) and Baytex Energy Corp. (TSX:BTE)(NYSE:BTE) to see if one is attractive right now.


Bombardier’s CSeries jet program is finally getting off the ground, but years of delays and cost overruns on the program have taken a toll on the balance sheet and the stock price.  Read More…


  1. Those 2 stocks listed seem interesting. Never heard of Bombardier. My concern is that i feel flights are becoming much less over the decade which could affect them negatively.

  2. Thanks for the picks. Still not too crazy about both their industries but should make a good read of their quarterlys.

  3. Sure its a bargain right now but i just don’t see them getting out of their hole.

  4. Wow its nice to see Canadian companies that aren’t mining nor banking 🙂

  5. These are low because as you can see from the article they are taking on a lot of debt and their future for growth is quite small.

  6. Bombardier is and always have been dependant on their CSeries program. They use to have another which escapes me at the moment. It will be on the rise later in the year. Their financials seem descent. My concern is just the heavy dependency on a single program.

  7. Right now most of my holdings are pretty safe. I might consider these two just for the fun of it since i have nothing to lose.

  8. Would these be classified as penny stocks? Just trying to learn how this all works and what these type of stocks would be called?

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